JUNE 7, 2018

Energy Sciences Area

Post-doctoral Research & Career Symposium

The Postdoctoral Research and Career Symposium is an annual event that showcases the research of the Energy Science Area's postdoctoral researchers, creates networking opportunities, and enables industry and government leaders to connect with and recruit from the nation's top scientific and engineering talent.

The Energy Sciences Area seeks solutions to the global energy-related challenges that impact our planet through a deeper understanding of the interactions between energy and matter. Under the auspices of the Energy Sciences Area are four divisions, the Advanced Light Source, Chemical Sciences, Materials Sciences, and the Molecular Foundry.

Postdocs are integral to the research accomplishments at Berkeley Lab. From social to career support, the Energy Sciences Area at Berkeley Lab is committed to helping them achieve their academic, research, and career goals.


Download the working agenda.

Arrive at Workshop - Registration

Welcome Remarks

LBNL Leadership and BLPA Building 50 Auditorium

Keynote Address

Prof. Jeff Neaton (LBNL/UCB)

Dr. Yufeng Liang

The Molecular Foundry

Dr. Robert Streubel

Materials Sciences Division

(Refreshments served at 10:10AM)

Dr. Gideon Segev

Joint Center for Artificial Photosynthesis

Dr. Isvar Cordoba

Advanced Light Source

Dr. Lena Trotochaud

Chemical Sciences Division


Career Panel Discussion

Kristin Persson, Aleksandr Polyakov, Robin Johnston, Christophe Peroz, Ilaria Cianchetta

Working Lunch (provided) & Open Networking

Building 50C - Patio

Research in Industry - Current research at PPG

Building 50 Auditorium

Industry Showcase - Booth Exhibits

Perseverance Hall

Poster Session & Reception

Cafeteria and Patio Refreshments served at 3:30pm

Presentation of Poster Awards

Cafeteria Main Hall

Closing Remarks


Information for Attendees

The Energy Sciences Area Post-doctoral symposium provides the Area's postdocs the opportunity to present their research, to connect with each other, and to network with representatives from local industry

Postdocs may register as an attendee or sign up to give an oral or poster presentation. The deadline to register to be considered for an oral presentaion and to receive the additional benefits of headshots and business cards is May 15, 2018.

After May 15, 2018, postdocs may still register and sign up to give a poster presentation. Late registrants can also still submit a CV or resume to be included in the booklet we are distributing to our industry participants.

Other Berkeley Lab scientists and staff may register as attendees only. Attendee registration closes May 31, 2018.

  • Abstracts

    The Symposium seeks abstracts for presentations that are aligned with Berkeley Lab’s mission of fostering groundbreaking fundamental science that enables transformational solutions for energy and environment challenges, using interdisciplinary teams and by creating advanced new tools for scientific discovery. Abstracts may be submitted at the time of registration.

  • Poster Guidelines

    Posters should be printed in landscape format with maximum dimensions of 3 ft x 4 ft. Click here for a ready-to-use poster template (2 ft x 4 ft).

  • Resume/CV Submission

    We are collecting resumés and CVs to distribute to Industry exhibitors and sponsors. If you would like your resumé included, please fill out the resumé template upload it to the resumes and business cards form.

  • Business Cards - The deadline for submitting business cards for printing has passed

    We are pleased to offer all Area post-docs who register by May 15 professional business cards. If you would like to have official Berkeley Lab business cards produced before the symposium, please fill out the business card template and upload it to the resumes and business cards form. The Area will cover the cost of business card production for lab-employed postdocs.

  • Professional HeadshotsThe deadline for getting headshots has passed

    We are pleased to offer all Area post-docs who register by May 15 a professional portrait taken by the lab's photographer. The portraits will be taken between May 16-21. Registrants will be contacted to schedule a portrait session after your registration is submitted.


Contact us for more information.



  • Register as an attendee or sign up to give an oral or poster presentation. Deadline: May 15

Berkeley Lab Staff & Other Attendees

  • Register as a symposium attendee only. Deadline: May 31


  • Register as an exhibitor and/or sponsor